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Interim Director of Behavioral Health

BSN with 20 years nursing experience, 17 of which are in leadership and nearly seven as a behavioral health interim leader.  As an interim leader, her enviornments have varied from for-profit to non-profit, as well

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Interim Director of Laboratory Services

MHA with 25 years of hospital laboratory management experience.  She has been in for-profit and non-profit environments.  Responsibilities have been both individual hospital and regional.  She desires to take her experiences and transition them into

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Interim Director of Emergency Services

MSN who has over 20 years of nursing management experience.  She has worked as an interim leader over emergency services since 2018. Additional department responsibilities have included L&D, ICU, CCU, CVICU, MICU, Cardiac Tele, PCU,

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Interim Chief Nursing Officer

MSN who brings over 30 years of nursing experience with the last eight as an interim leader.  Her roles have typically been as CNO in critical access and community hospitals under 50 beds, but she

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Interim Director of Surgical Services

BSN/CNOR who presents with 30 years of OR experience, 20 of which are in a leadership capacity.  She has exclusively been an interim leader since 2008, with environments ranging from critical access to 800+ bed

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