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Interim Director of Med/Surg/ICU

BSN who presents with 17 years of leadership experience, with her past seven exclusively as an interim.  As an interim leader, she has been in enviornments ranging from critical access to managing 42-bed units.   

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Interim Director of ICU/Med-Surg/Tele

Presents with over 30 years nursing experience, with management positions since 1990, including successfully completing five interim engagements since 2014.  Has managed units in med/surg, ICU, telemetry, cardiology, ED and pediatrics.   About Morgan Hunter

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Interim Director of Med/Surg, Telemetry, ICU

The candidate presents with over 30 years of nursing experience with emphasis in critical care and medical surgical services with 6+ years of continuous interim leadership positions in facilities ranging in size from 25 to

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Interim Director of ICU/PCU/Med-Surg

The interim professional presents with over 10 years of nursing leadership in ICU, progressive care, telemetry, med/surg, medical oncology and Neuro/Stroke. Her departments have ranged in size from 24 to 130 beds. Her most recent interim

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