Service Overview

Healthcare Executive Search:  Our performance-based retained search process provides permanent hire search solutions at the manager level and above.

Healthcare Interim Leadership Services:  Our contingent-based interim leadership services provide interim professionals at the manager level and above.

Please click on the service offerings below to learn how our innovative performance-based retained process differs from traditional offerings for permanent recruitment, as well as how our interim management solutions are a cost-effective solution versus traditional staffing firms.

Traditional Retained Firm Search Process:

  • Generally specialize in mid to senior level management positions.
  • Travel to their client site where they typically interview multiple members of the senior management team to get a sense of the strategic vision and culture of the organization.
  • Often work with the Board of Directors.
  • Develop networks of industry-specific candidates and contacts often built through involvement in industry specific experiences and professional organizations.
  • Because retained firms work as consultants through exclusive search agreements, they are able to provide dedicated resources to each search.
  • Are a source of competitive intelligence.
  • Have staff that typically comes from industry or has significant industry experience.
  • Provide thorough candidate evaluation to include detailed interviews (often in-person), reference checking, education verification, and behavioral evaluations.
  • Offer extended guarantees, typically 6 to 12 months.
  • Charge monthly expenses for administrative and marketing support, often amounting to thousands of dollars on top of the search fee.
  • Search fee is paid in three installments based on pre-determined timeframes, not results.
  • Typically the best option for a national search, industry-specific positions, or difficult to fill positions.

Traditional Contingent Firm Search Process:

  • Paid a search fee only if one of their referred candidates is hired.
  • Rely on large volume and quick turnarounds.
  • Search fees are typically less than retained.
  • Do not charge any search expenses.
  • Commit limited resources to any one particular search as there is no guarantee of receiving any search fees. Rather, they focus more on marketing candidates to a wide variety of employers.
  • Are more reliant on job boards and the Internet to source candidates.
  • Offer short guarantees, typically 30 to 60 days.
  • Conduct less detailed candidate evaluation process.
  • Typically the best option for searches with a large local candidate pool (non-industry specific).
  • Do not typically offer industry expertise and are not a source of competitive intelligence.

Morgan Hunter HealthSearch Performance Based Search Process:

  • Built a network of candidates and contacts at the mid to senior management level within the healthcare industry through involvement in professional associations, national conferences, and personal contacts.
  • Travel on-site to each client to understand the vision and culture of the organization, as well as the unique characteristics of the specific search.
  • Dedicate resources to each search.
  • Conduct detailed candidate evaluations and provide a written profile for each candidate.
  • Search fees are based on results.
  • Provide competitive market intelligence to our clients.
  • Flat search expenses of $1,000 per search.
  • Our staff has personal experience working in the healthcare industry.
  • Offer a 6 month candidate guarantee for manager/director level and 12 month candidate guarantee for VP and C level.
  • Focused exclusively in healthcare.

Interim Management Solutions Overview:

Morgan Hunter HealthSearch provides interim leadership at the manager through CEO level. We provide our client organizations the following benefits:

  • Coverage for the vacancy of key leadership roles to ensure operations continue moving forward during a time of transition.
  • Supplement to the existing leadership structure, driving specific initiatives or projects.
  • Mentoring of an existing leader and/or team.
  • Consultation/Operational Turnaround in the form of assessments and/or implementation action/improvements plans.
  • Contingent-based process in which you don’t have to commit to us until after you have interviewed our resource and determine they fit your need.
  • You directly employ or subcontract the interim resource, thus, you control compensation, travel schedule, travel costs and project timeframe.
  • Transparency:  All costs are known, including our monthly interim fee.
  • Cost:  Our process typically saves thousands of dollars each month versus traditional consulting firms.


Advanced Practice Recruitment Solutions provides services to successfully fill Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant positions for hospitals, physician practices, surgery centers, retail clinics and managed care organizations. Our capabilities are for both permanent and locum tenens.

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