Services Overview

Healthcare Executive Search: Our performance-based retained search process provides permanent hire search solutions at the director level and above.

Healthcare Interim Leadership Services: Our contingent-based interim leadership services provide interim professionals at the manager level and above.

Please click on the service offerings to the right to learn how our innovative performance-based retained process differs from traditional offerings for permanent recruitment, as well as how our interim management solutions are a cost-effective solution versus traditional staffing firms.

  • Generally specialize in mid to senior level management positions.
  • Travel to their client site where they typically interview multiple members of the senior management team to get a sense of the strategic vision and culture of the organization.
  • Often work with the Board of Directors.
  • Develop networks of industry-specific candidates and contacts often built through involvement in industry specific experiences and professional organizations.
  • Because retained firms work as consultants through exclusive search agreements, they are able to provide dedicated resources to each search.
  • Are a source of competitive intelligence.
  • Have staff that typically comes from industry or has significant industry experience.
  • Provide thorough candidate evaluation to include detailed interviews (often in-person), reference checking, education verification, and behavioral evaluations.
  • Offer extended guarantees, typically 6 to 12 months.
  • Charge monthly expenses for administrative and marketing support, often amounting to thousands of dollars on top of the search fee.
  • Search fee is paid in three installments based on pre-determined timeframes, not results.
  • Typically the best option for a national search, industry-specific positions, or difficult to fill positions.
  • Paid a search fee only if one of their referred candidates is hired.
  • Rely on large volume and quick turnarounds.
  • Search fees are typically less than retained.
  • Do not charge any search expenses.
  • Commit limited resources to any one particular search as there is no guarantee of receiving any search fees. Rather, they focus more on marketing candidates to a wide variety of employers.
  • Are more reliant on job boards and the Internet to source candidates.
  • Offer short guarantees, typically 30 to 60 days.
  • Conduct less detailed candidate evaluation process.
  • Typically the best option for searches with a large local candidate pool (non-industry specific).
  • Do not typically offer industry expertise and are not a source of competitive intelligence.
  • Built a network of candidates and contacts at the mid to senior management level within the healthcare industry through involvement in professional associations, national conferences, and personal contacts.
  • Takes the time to understand the vision and culture of the client organization, as well as the unique characteristics of the specific search.
  • Dedicate resources to each search.
  • Conduct detailed candidate evaluations and provide a written profile for each candidate.
  • Search fees are based on results.
  • Provide competitive market intelligence to our clients.
  • Offer a 6 month candidate guarantee for manager/director level and 12 month candidate guarantee for VP and C level.
  • Focused exclusively in healthcare.

Morgan Hunter HealthSearch provides interim leadership at the manager through CEO level. We provide our client organizations the following benefits:

  • Coverage for the vacancy of key leadership roles to ensure operations continue moving forward during a time of transition.
  • Supplement to the existing leadership structure, driving specific initiatives or projects.
  • Mentoring of an existing leader and/or team.
  • Consultation/Operational Turnaround in the form of assessments and/or implementation action/improvements plans.
  • Contingent-based process in which you don’t have to commit to us until after you have interviewed our resource and determine they fit your need.
  • You directly employ or subcontract the interim resource, thus, you control compensation, travel schedule, travel costs and project timeframe.
  • Transparency:  All costs are known, including our monthly interim fee.
  • Cost:  Our process typically saves thousands of dollars each month versus traditional consulting firms.