Service Process

Our Performance-Based Retained Search Process

  1. We gain an in-depth understanding of the position opening, organization, and community.
  2. We formalize a Candidate Profile, develop a companion Targeted Recruiting List and Announcement Page, and begin recruitment activities.
  3. The recruitment plan to source potential candidates is executed and includes all telephone recruiting, networking, email and direct mail contacts, and all other advertising or marketing efforts deemed appropriate to best communicate the opening to potential candidates.
  4. In conjunction with sourcing activities, potential candidates are interviewed to assess qualifications, fit and interest for the position.
  5. Top candidates are presented to include resume, executive summary, references and credential verification.
  6. We coordinate telephone and in-person interviews between client and candidate.
  7. Extensive feedback is obtained and provided to both client and candidate.
  8. We council the client on preparing a comprehensive offer and establish the candidate’s willingness to accept an offer within client parameters.
  9. We coordinate the proper timing of the offer. The search is complete upon candidate’s acceptance of the offer.
  10. We stay in touch with both client and candidate to ensure a successful transition.

Our Interim Placement Process

  1. An in-depth needs assessment is completed via telephone call.
  2. We reach out to our pool of interim candidates to determine availability of resources.
  3. We interview potential candidates.
  4. We present to our Client resumes and executive profiles of viable interim candidates.
  5. Our Client interviews potentially viable candidates.
  6. Our Client selects the interim professional that best fits their situation.
  7. We coordinate with our Client on engagement details, including completing references and education/credential verification, and the interim professional is hired by our Client.
  8. We routinely communicate with the Client and interim professional to ensure success throughout the entire engagement.