Interim Director of Perioperative Services

The candidate presents with nearly 30 years of operating room experience, with almost 20 in a management capacity.  She has worked exclusivley as an interim leader since 2008.  Her environments have ranged from 65 beds to 833.  She has been in both union and non-union settings.  She is CNOR certififed and is in-progress toward her MSN.


Describes her personal clinical strength as founded in orthopaedics and the trauma team in the OR. She mentioned good, applicable personal knowledge of OR operations in all areas except in open hearts.  She commented that her administrative skills include good budgeting, staffing plans, construction and remodeling management, operational assessment and compliance with not only accreditation but with best practices.


The candidate visualized her management style as an inverted triangle, with her at the bottom, supporting staff and providers. She described herself as a “servant leader”. She spoke about being visible, approachable and fair and as someone who identifies staff strengths and builds on them through mentoring and coaching.  She said key words defining her were systematic, process-oriented and consistent with regard to approach and application.