Interim Director of Behavioral Health

The candidate presents with 40 years of nursing leadership experience, the majority of which has been in behavioral health.  Over the past few years, she has transitioned into doing interim/consulting work exclusively in behavioral health.  Early in her career, she also was a behavioral health ARNP.


The candidate described her strengths as staff engagement, breaking down any barriers/hostility between nurses and social services, and positive physician relations (her past experience as an ARNP provides credibility). As an interim, she takes the approach mentally that she is permanent so her decisions and actions have a long-term view.  Donna has the experience to very quickly assess an environment and write an action plan.  Strategic planning, succession planning and productivity are also strengths.  She communicates in a way that things are easy to understand for all involved.


She characterized her management style as one of a mentor/coach. When mistakes are made, she sits down with staff to talk about it and how to correct it in the future.  Engages staff and focuses on positive culture (has done a lot of culture change in previous management roles).  Likes to share stories of past experiences with staff to help paint a picture of how things can change.



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